No, I’m not talking about getting drinks here. (unfortunately) I’m talking about getting toned and tight at the barRE. The first time I took a barre class, I was sore for the next couple days. Anyone else feel accomplished when that happens? Best feeling ever! Since I have dance training background, I adapted to the class quickly and absolutely loved it! However, you don’t need a dance background to love it and get the hang of it.

I love these barre studios because they are mostly women. (no offense men) But the creepy men staring at you sweating your ass off – gotta go. The ‘talkers’ at the gym also gotta go. When I go to the gym, I go to get a great workout and sweat my ass off. I don’t go to socialize/make friends, but simply to look good and basically eat the things I want without feeling so guilty. Hello dessert! So, when I go to barre, I don’t feel like I’m being constantly watched by some creeper in the back corner. Barre is usually in a cozy carpeted room with the lights dimmed. Can I get a Hallelujah?

Anyway, these barre classes are based off of a ballet intensive class focusing on strengthening and toning your entire body.  These studios have been popping up everywhere. Here are the best barre studios in Bergen County:

  1. One Love Bike + Barre (Ridgewood, NJ)

I love this studio because they offer a bunch of different classes, and also has a spin studio for you people who need to do some cardio- that would be me. The classes they have are:

  • Bike (45 mins)
  • Barre Boot Camp/Barrelates Boot Camp- the first half hour is HIIT (high intensity interval training) then moves to a cross between ballet, Pilates, yoga, and strength training work. Hello abs/butt.
  • Half + Half- (my favorite) mix between bike and barre. 30 minutes with barre boot camp followed by 30 minutes of bike. It hurts so good I promise!
  • Bike Plus- 1 hour of bike and incorporates hand weights throughout the class
  • Kettle Barre- 1 hour workout incorporates 10lb kettlebell. The first 30 minutes will be devoted to kettle bells and the second half is barre.
  • Body Express- 45-minute class will focus on arms and abs.
  • Bike ‘n Abs- 1 hour class. Starting off with 15 minutes of intense abs followed by a 45-minute intense bike ride.

For more information about pricing, go to the One Love Bike + Barre website.

  1. Pure Barre (Park Ridge/Wyckoff, NJ)

Pure Barre is a chain that is spread across the United States, so there’s no excuse if you are a member to not work out! But the ones in Bergen County are Park Ridge and Wyckoff. This chain offers a couple classes which include:

  • Pure Barre- low impact total-body workout set to upbeat music creating high energy, graceful, yet intense 55 minutes of muscle sculpting.
  • Breaking down the barre- if you are looking to understand the technique, this is for you.
  • Platform- fast paced class designed to optimize cardiovascular results and increase total body strength.

For more information, visit Pure Barre website.

  1. The Barre Method (Closter, Englewood, Ridgewood, NJ)

The Barre Method is another franchise, but don’t get intimidated by that! This studio focuses on a full body workout targeting arms, legs, abs, and butt. You won’t leave disappointed. There are a couple different classes to choose from and they are all great!

  • Bar Move
  • Bar Express- 45 minute class
  • Bar Basics

For more information, visit The Barre Method website.

There is something about a barre class that I don’t get from going to the gym on my own. Barre forces you to use muscles you aren’t used to using such as inner thighs and calves. I love a good class that I get sore from the moment leaving. If you haven’t tried it out, now’s the time!

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