Summer is officially over! 🙁 Well at least it feels like it. No more 1:00pm cocktails on the beach, since it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere. (Well at least not during the week) I don’t know about you, but my body needs a reset from summer. I really needed a green juice or two, so I stopped by Chef V in West Caldwell, NJ to pick up a little detox.

Chef V is having their Grand Opening next Saturday, September 15th. Although the store front location in West Caldwell is new, Chef V has been around for a bit. Veronica Wheat founded Chef V in 2010, providing private wellness chef services to clients in the San Diego area. Since then, Veronica moved to New York City and now to New Jersey to further her organic food delivery business. Veronica is a passionate chef and certified nutritional therapist bringing attention health and wellness.

The Green Drink:

Don’t be intimidated by the color GREEN! Chef V’s signature green drink is the easiest, tastiest, and most affordable way to boost your metabolism, lose weight, have younger looking skin, tons of energy, mental clarity, and good vibes. Although this drink is part of a cleanse, you can have it as a meal substitute to kick start your day. Chef V’s green juice is different because it contains 7 certified organic super greens that is cold blended NOT juiced. When your veggies are blended, you retain all of the fiber and nutrients that nature put in the leafy greens. When something is juiced, it loses a good amount of nutrients and fiber from the juicing process. Having the veggies blended, you get maximum nutritional value and makes you full longer.

The Menu:

Not only does Chef V’s storefront location have juices, smoothies, and cleanses, but they also have acai bowls. I was able to snag one when I popped in for a visit. They are healthy and delicious! Head over to Chef V’s Grand Opening this Saturday, September 15th from 10:00am – 1:00pm. They will have FREE samples, raffles, giveaways, ribbon cutting and more!

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