There are a few things I love more than a cute little coffee shop. I would rather go to a trendy coffee shop over a chain any day! When I go to a chain like Starbucks, my coffee just isn’t filled with warmth and love, you know what I mean?? These trendy baristas have a love for the beans and won’t steer you in the wrong direction. Barista’s know what they are talking about and you won’t have to use that fancy language they use at Starbucks. I went on a hunt to find the best coffee places in Bergen County. Here’s what I found. These cute little shops are all over so don’t miss out!

Koffeewagon Roasters- Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

I found out about this place from a couple of friends who live nearby and boy did they steer me in the right direction! This place is great! From the moment I walked in, I knew this place was going to be a winner. The smell of the coffee beans filled the air with happiness. The huge bags of coffee beans in the corner of the room caught my eye and I wanted them all!

They brew their coffee right in front of your eyes in a really cool brewing machine. I was actually fascinated by it. But my favorite thing about Koffeewagon was that they had cold brew….on tap! AMAZING! Why does everything always taste better on tap? You can also get a couple bottles to go so don’t miss out!

Also, don’t forget to try the avocado smash! Delish!

Ridgewood Coffee Company- Ridgewood, NJ

I love love love this place! Ridgewood is just such a cute little town, although the parking is horrendous, you must make it a point to get here! They have items on their menu that you can’t get anywhere else like the almond joy and Nutella latte! My go to is a cappuccino, but when I’m feeling risky, I get the Nutella latte. If you have time, sit at the bar and read a book. It was the most relaxing hour of my life! Super cute, trendy, and chic!


A lot of the time when I go to a place for the first time my experience relies on how friendly the staff is.

  1. American Bulldog Coffee Roasters- Ridgewood, NJ

So, this place and Ridgewood Coffee Company are hugeeee competitors. They are around the corner from each other and have similar vibes. If you are a dog lover, come here. Their mascot is the cutest little American Bulldog, (hence the name) Delilah and she’s there all the time. I love places that respect animals.

You must try some pastries while you are here! Everything is farm to table and has natural products. My favorite muffin is the Quinoa Banana Walnut, not to mention it is vegan and gluten free and delicious! You also can’t go wrong with the scones, which change seasonally. You must give this place a try!

  1. Cool Beans- Oradell, NJ

This place is the OG of coffee shops. It really doesn’t get more hipster than this baby. I liveeeee for their hazelnut iced lattes. So sooooo good. Not only does Cool Beans have amazing coffees and pastries, but they also sell beer and wine! Can you say balance!

They host many events like Mommy & Me Mornings (what’s better than meeting up with other moms for coffee and bringing your little one, amirite???) at 10:30am on Wednesdays. They also have Motorcycle Ride-in (7pm Wednesdays) Open Mic (7pm every other Sunday) and Live Bands that play blues, jazz, alternative rock, and more! So, grab your kids, grab your friends, and head on over to Cool Beans for a great time!

  1. Kuppi Coffee Company- Edgewater, NJ

Want to go on an upscale coffee date? This place is the winner! They are located right on the water in Edgewater with the most amazing views. The ambiance in this place is nice and open so you don’t feel like you are on top of another table like most coffee shops. The have a variety of lattes, cappuccinos, coffees, and food.


Their food is great! Perfect for a light lunch. My favorite thing to get when I come here is the vanilla chi latte and the salmon toast! YUMMMM! I wish I could get here once a week just to relax and work from this place. Definitely go if you are lacking motivation. This place will cheer you right up!

Ok, so what great places did I miss? My goal is to try to find a new wonderful coffee shop a month. I love supporting these local businesses and try to stay away from the chains as much as I can. Let me know which places I should try next!

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